Manager Enablement 

Inclusive Management 

Managers play a critical role in equity, inclusion and company culture. As such, they have the unique ability to either strengthen or erode a productive and equitable working environment. 

It's imperative that managers strengthen their inclusive leadership capabilities in order to surface and address bias and microaggressions, effectively signal and communicate support for diversity in its many forms, and hire and retain top talent. 

Great management is inclusive management.


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Management Packages 

Management Series 

A series of trainings and facilitated discussions to enable new and experienced managers to integrate inclusive management best practices practices into their teams and day to day manager responsibilities. 

Recommended For

  • Teams


  • Intro to Inclusive Leadership 

  • Building Psychological Safety 

  • Emotional Labor at Work 

  • Systemic Inequality & Power Dynamics 

  • Moving from Intent to Action 


  • Flexible scheduling 

  • 5 x 60 min. interactive trainings

  • Private, facilitated group Slack channel

  • Weekly office hours 

Leadership Peer Learning Groups 

Leadership peer learning groups are a selective, curated group of executives looking to work with their peers across companies. Participants will deepen their practice of inclusive leadership in a safe yet challenging environment. 

Recommended For

  • Individuals or teams 


  • Personal goals and blockers

  • Moving from bystander to ally  

  • Effectively lending privilege 

  • Driving systemic change 

  • Personal and company accountability 


  • 3 month engagement 

  • 5 x 75 min. discussion-based tutorials 

  • 3 individual coaching sessions 

  • Private, facilitated Slack channel

  • Weekly office hours

and Advising

Coaching and advising packages are designed to help leaders work through more personal, customized goals, such as improving communications, developing commitments and executing on action plans. 

Recommended For

  • Individuals or teams 


  • Personal Goals and Blockers

  • Branding and Messaging 

  • Executive Communications Support 

  • Ad hoc guidance

  • Tactical support 


  • 10 hour block (for individuals) 

  • 25 hour block (for individuals or teams)

  • 50 hour block (for individuals or teams)