Inclusive Leadership Accelerator program
Build the inclusive leadership practice your career depends on

I understand the experience of not knowing what to do or where to start. I help leaders step confidently into DEI work and stop feeling like they’re walking on eggshells. My long-term vision is to create a new model for empowering leaders to drive equity within their companies - to translate their awareness of problems into the actions required to solve them.

Continuing the status quo puts businesses and individual leaders at serious risk. 

Translating Awareness Into Action

Inclusive leadership is hard. It’s not obvious, and it’s not often taught. But it is required, now more than ever before. Employees are demanding more from companies. Leaders are being asked to step down. Teams are struggling to be productive. The call-to-action for change is present and the time to act is now.  


Companies are trying to act. But while many companies develop diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) targets and programs, they don't successfully operationalize them into a strategy driven by leadership. 

This program helps leaders translate their awareness of problems into the actions required to solve them.

Why? Many leaders believe in the values of diversity and equity, but few know how to take action.

They don’t know what “good” looks like or what their place is in the conversation. They struggle to speak to critical issues impacting their employees, manage diverse teams, and drive systemic change. Leadership teams lack adequate support structures as most companies don’t provide the specialized advising, coaching and training required for leaders to gain competencies in this niche space.


So they delegate. But DEI efforts can no longer be the sole responsibility of HR or grassroots efforts. In order to effectively navigate and lead through the monumental changes of this moment - from the transition to all-remote work to the global reckoning around racial injustice - leaders must adapt.   

A New Approach

The Inclusive Leadership Accelerator Program helps leaders develop the critical skills their careers depend on, while safely and efficiently building an inclusive leadership practice. Over time, the program will build an expansive alumni network of leaders driving meaningful change, sharing best practices and contributing to the canon of knowledge about “what works” within the industry. 

I’m recruiting a select group of forward-thinking leaders to join the first cohort. This program is for leaders - from Senior Directors to CEOs - who are ready to step up, level up and become role models for the industry. Once selected, leaders will participate in a 3-month, interactive program consisting of group tutorials, facilitated conversations, and one-on-one sessions.   

Participants will gain an understanding of systemic inequality at work, inclusive leadership best practices, communications guidance, strategies for managing remote, diverse teams, personalized DEI action plans and an expanded network of leaders to draw upon in the future. 


Importantly, participants will also learn to effectively partner with in-house DEI staff to drive company priorities as a sponsor and champion. DEI staff will benefit from an upleveled leadership team that’s ready to amplify and integrate their efforts. 

This program will help you and your company move beyond treating DEI as a set of ad hoc “initiatives' by empowering leaders to drive meaningful change. 

Program Benefits

The benefits of the Inclusive Leadership Accelerator extend far beyond individual participants. 

Company Benefits

  • Demonstrate real investment to back up public commitments to DEI

  • Achieve results faster and avoid costly missteps. 

  • Retain and effectively manage diverse, remote talent. 

  • Improve your brand by differentiating yourself.

Leadership Benefits

  • Develop and expand critical leadership skills that are required going forward. 

  • Build a network of diverse yet like-minded leaders.

  • Have pride and confidence in your leadership approach. 

  • Work alongside peers and become industry role models.

D&I Staff Benefits

  • Receive critical and effective leadership support and make progress, faster.

  • Gain leadership advocates with the skills to effectively drive DEI priorities. 

  • Increase team capacity and improve relationships with leadership teams. 

Employee Benefits

  • Meaningfully improve the lives of employees 

  • Increase trust between leadership and employees. 

  • Improve employee engagement and desire to take company DEI work seriously.