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Natalie Bonifede Consulting




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I'm Natalie.

I improve organizational effectiveness, performance, and culture. 


I specialize in the crucial yet 'squishy' stuff that can make or break a company: scaling teams and processes, boosting organizational focus, driving culture change, and implementing effective talent practices. 


Let's partner. 

Trusted by Leaders and Teams at:

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How I Can Help

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, get in touch. If you need help with something that's not listed - let’s talk anyways. I might be able to help you or find someone who can.
Talent Strategy

You have an unclear or ineffective Talent and/or DEI strategy that's not delivering a solid return on your investment. Or, you're just getting started and could use some direction. 

Leadership Alignment 

Your leadership team is pulling in different directions, and you need alignment on strategic priorities, expectations, and messaging.

Skill Development

Your managers and leaders need to level up their management and leadership skills - fast. 

Team Productivity 

You need to supercharge your team, maximize productivity and accomplish more with fewer resources.

Strategic Initiatives

Your leadership team needs an experienced partner to help define, launch and land high-visibility initiatives

Advisory Support

You're seeking an advisor, coach, or confidant who will provide direct, constructive guidance and take action to propel you forward.

Clarity & Focus

Your teams are stuck and you need an experienced leader to guide them from ambiguity to clarity and focus.

"Natalie has been an important leader at Pivotal and VMware. The work she pioneered scaled well to target important focus areas like leadership development, executive-partnering, and management up-skilling." 

Senior Vice President, Customer Success, VMware

Claire Brooks, MI

Ways to Engage

No two businesses are the same – that’s why every client I work with gets a customized package and tailored support. 

Strategic Advising

Develop adaptive strategies that align with your organization's goals 

Define and improve organizational focus 

Establish a data-driven, agile approach

Align teams to a shared vision and actionable roadmap 

Operational Support

Audit and optimize existing operations

Improve team effectiveness and efficiency 

Increase team capacity during times of rapid growth and change

Responsibly scale teams, programs and processes

Workshops & Facilitation

Align teams to shared frameworks and priorities 

Help managers and leaders develop critical new skills 

Deepen team empathy, collaboration and trust

Uncover and address organizational blindspots

Get in Touch

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Let's Talk

Tell me why you're reaching out and how I can help. 

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